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What is Reiki?

The word "Reiki" (Ray-key) simply means universal spiritual energy.  There is Reiki in all things in the Universe, in all of us and in all creation.  We all have access to that energy and its supply is unlimited.  We are all born with it ~ it is inherent to being human. 


When you have a Reiki session, you are sharing Reiki with an experienced Master and deepening your connection to Self and the Universe. The energy is reconnecting you to that natural state that you came into this world with, the state that we have lost, through stress and the wounds we have accumulated in life.  Reiki reunites you with your True Self, where you rediscover who you are and what it means to be calm, safe, confident and whole.

"Claire's natural healing gifts are astounding.  She knows me better than I know myself."

Dr. Robert Greer

New York City​

“Do you feel tired and depleted all the time? This is because your mind is constantly distracted by external elements. This means that your energy is always directed outside of yourself. To remedy this, focus inward, bring your mind back!"

"Reiki is not about how much energy we can feel or channel, but about how open and compassionate our mind is."

 ~ Frans Steine, Founder and Master Teacher

 International House of Reiki


History of Reiki

Not sure what to believe about the history and origins of Reiki?

Here are some facts.


Mikao Usui, a Tendai Buddhist lay monk, discovered Reiki on a spiritual retreat on Mt. Kurama near Kyoto, Japan, in 1922.  He soon founded a school nearby, emphasizing the strengthening of one’s connection to the Reiki energy, meditation, mantras and chanting, and the Reiki Principles ~ all were tools to create a practice for personal growth and finding the path to one's True Self.  This practice required commitment, inner work and depth ~ though he had over 2000 students, only 20 were advanced to the Master level.  Master Usui passed away from a stroke in 1926.


Reiki was brought to America in the 1940’s.  Because at that time, this country was in conflict with Japan, the history of Reiki was changed to make it more palatable to Westerners.  It was taught as something that had to be given from teacher to student, the system of attunements was created and the Japanese / Buddhist aspects and origins were de-emphasized.  And so two branches of Reiki were now in existence.


The two branches of Reiki become many and there are now a few hundred.  But I believe that keeping it simple, the way Master Usui designed it, and keeping focused on Self-Care and Universal Connection, allows us to revive and rediscover our True Selves.

Uses of Reiki

Reiki IS your natural state of being.

It can be used in any way, for any type of healing ~ physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 


In Japan, they understand that there is no division between these parts of ourselves and only by addressing the whole being can we begin to truly heal and return to a state of balance.


Some of the benefits and uses of Reiki may include:

 ~ Supporting the body’s natural healing processes

 ~ Energizing your mind, body and spirit to address daily concerns

 ~ Facilitating emotional stability, breakthroughs and growth

 ~ Using Reiki with Affirmations, which generates positive thought forms that work with Reiki to support your desired goal ~ this combines the mental, emotional and the physical

 ~ Detoxification of physical and emotional toxins

 ~ Overall stress reduction

 ~ Strengthening one's commitment to Self-Care and Awareness through regular practice

Reiki is an alternative and complementary form of medicine and should not be used as a substitute for conventional medicine. Always consult with your personal physician for any health questions or concerns you might have. No claims are made for diagnoses or healing of disease.

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