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Weddings ~ Ceremonies ~ Rites of Passage

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies


Planning a wedding can be so stressful! I will provide the details, the steady hand and the reliability that will allow you to celebrate and enjoy the day.

​I can help you design a ceremony that fits your spirit and intention, incorporating any aspect of your religion, several religions or none at all. I welcome couples of any persuasion or orientation, for love is a many splendored thing!

I have dozens of ideas for ritual elements, and experience with large formal events, and intimate private ceremonies. thinking of something different and outrageous? Let's talk! Want quiet, small and unassuming? That works, too.

A marriage is the joining of hearts and of spirit ~ you should have the ceremony that resonates for you, and that you and your partner will remember with a smile!


Ceremonies of Transition 

When a friend or family member has passed, you may have no one to facilitate a remembrance with whom you are comfortable.  It is an honor to preside over these times of transition, speak words of tribute and comfort, and provide a steady hand for family and friends.


Other Rites of Passage

~ Ritual to celebrate accomplishment, such as new job, quitting smoking, letting go of an issue or anything of meaning

~  Rites of maturity, menarche, manhood

~  Healing Ceremonies, incorporating Reiki, symbols, chanting, crystals, music, poetry or whatever is most empowering.

~  Hospice and Hospital Visits by arrangement


There is no end to the possibilities ~ let inspiration guide you!

I am an Interfaith Minister ordained in the State of New York by the Sanctuary of the Beloved. This allows me to conduct legal wedding ceremonies in most states. Please contact me at for details and inquiries.

"Claire gave us a wealth of different ways to celebrate our nuptials while honing in on wedding practices that truly reflect our personal beliefs. She incorporated our personal styles with the traditional wedding practices that were important for our families. She asked many questions about details that we had overlooked.  She was professional and pleasant with family members who were difficult at times, while also being on time, detail oriented and reliable.  She also kept me from passing out at the altar!"

Melissa G.

New Jersey

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