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About Miriam and Her Well


Miriam is known by history as the sister of Moses ~ she followed him on the Nile as a baby when he was set adrift in a basket in ancient times.  When the Hebrew slaves were freed by Moses, which is commemorated by the Jewish festival of Passover, they wandered in the desert for forty years. Miriam went with them as Chief Midwife and healer, bringing each new generation into the world.  She was very devoted to her brother's teachings of freedom and responsibility.  In reward for her service to the Hebrew nation, she was given a well, which followed them as they crossed the desert sands. It became known as a source of respite, healing and comfort over the centuries, for indeed it sustained her people in the darkest of times. 

In the modern era, Miriam's Well continues to be a symbol of healing, a place where all are welcome, to rest and cleanse, to learn and grow, and to be replenished.  That is why I connect with it so deeply - Miriam is also my middle name.

Why do I do this work?

Three reasons.


First, I have been walking the path of survival and healing for 25+ years.  I come from a place I call The Dark Ugly and have had to find, and make, my own light.  I like the light SO much better! But this gives my work an authenticity and integrity because I GET IT, I’ve been there and lived it.  I know what is possible and can now offer what I have learned along the way.


Second, I did not get here on my own. I have had tons of support, lessons, encouragement and motivation from teachers, counselors, friends and other healers.  I have needed a lot of energy from the Universe to grow and change, and now I have the opportunity to Pay It Forward, which I consider a tremendous privilege.  It’s time to give back.


Finally, I hear from many sources all sorts of negative things about other healers, Reiki practitioners, counselors and teachers ~ and it just makes me sad.  I spent many years in therapy sitting across from people with whom I felt very little connection or understanding.  Some had knowledge, fewer still had compassion or wisdom. 


My goal is to bring the absolute best to the table for my clients and students. I view my work as sacred, and an honor. 


Oh, and some personal history details

Born and raised in a Detroit suburb to a musical family, I came to NYC after my mother died in 1996 to follow my dream of acting ~ which I did not bring to fruition. Why? Because I did not know my Authentic Self yet, nor had I done the healing and empowerment work necessary to speak from my Truth.  I spent the next several years working in the corporate and legal worlds, getting clear about who I am and what I want.  Yet I knew something was missing, and I couldn’t figure out what….Then in 2004, I discovered Reiki ~ and something opened up inside me like I had never experienced before.  I felt a connection, a love, a lifting of soul and was extraordinary.


I sought out the best teachers and most in-depth study I could find.  I became a graduate of the Reiki Master program at the Reiki Arts Continuum in 2006, the only two-year course in the country, which required over 400 hours of class and practicum work.  I then received my Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2007 in traditional Japanese methods and history from the International House of Reiki out of Australia. 


I founded Miriam’s Well Healing in 2006 in New York, bringing my practice with me when I moved to New Jersey in 2009.  Here I am able to create a space where Transformation and Empowerment live, the kind of place I wish I had found when I was seeking change in my life.  I can use my BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan, my certification in Spiritual Counseling and as an Interfaith Minister woven together, for the benefit of all my clients and students.  And the Journey doesn’t end here ~ with every new person who walks through the door, connection, compassion and inspiration happen, and I am filled with gratitude!


"If I am only for myself, who am I?"

 ~ Hillel the Elder

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