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Private or Group sessions of any class can be arranged

These classes are all on an As Needed basis, in person and small group.

If you see something you are interested in, get in touch, and we will pick a date.

Everything is customizable and personalized.

"I feel I chose a wonderful teacher and guide in Claire - she was patient, present and prepared at all times and the quality of her information is excellent. I, myself, am an educator, and I would not have changed a thing."

 ~ CM, New Jersey

Reiki I

Taught in two parts, any day we agree on, a week apart

Part I ~ 9:30am - 5pm

Part II ~ 9:30am - 5pm


Studied Reiki elsewhere, but felt like there was more to it?

Here is where you find it.


 ~ The True History of Reiki and why it matters to you

 ~ Traditional Meditation and Awareness Techniques

 ~ The Philosophy of Reiki from its founder, Master Usui

 ~ Hand positions connecting to the meridians throughout your body

 ~ A Deep Understanding of the stress-relief and wisdom available


This is not an ordinary Reiki class!  For two full days, we will immerse ourselves in the beauty and wisdom that is Reiki.  We will use journaling, guided meditation, Reiju or spiritual blessings (the equivalent of attunements), and practice Self-Care as we open your path to Reiki. It is not really about certification (though you can receive that), but about putting a personal practice in place, giving you a base from which to do the rest of your healing work.


Vision Boards ~ Dreaming Your Life

You know you've always wanted to try this...

Create a vision for how you want your life to be!

The possibilities are endless.

This is a private, mentored class, where you can completely focus on your intention and your future ~ no judgments, no distractions, no kidding!




Write From Your Soul ~ Journaling for Transformation

We always mean to do this, don't we? It sounds like so much fun!

Journaling can be for anything you want.

Learn empowering ways to use the power of the pen – new ideas, healing work, decision-making, and much more….

Intensive, limitless and transformative!

Bring a brand new journal that you love, and your favorite pen.


Earthbound ~ Staying Grounded in Life


Stressed out and wound up?

Running at a million miles an hour?

Can't remember the last time you had a quiet moment?


Whether feeling disconnected, crazed or fearful in life, Grounding can bring you balance and health. We all need connection and quiet—to stay in the moment, turn down the volume and just be.


Come learn healthy and "New Age" tools that take only moments to use at any time, to bring you back to that quiet center we all crave.


This class is outside! The best way to connect to The Earth is to be on it. Bring a friend, a journal and a chair.


Motherless on Mother's Day


Are Mother's and Father's Days difficult? Painful? Annoying?


Every year we drown in advertising around Mother's and Father's Days that make all parent/child relationships look ideal. But what do you do when that's not the case?


  ~  What if your relationship with your parent is toxic or complex?

  ~  What if you are estranged?

  ~ How is it different if you are adopted?

  ~ What if one or both parents are deceased?  ​


​One week before each holiday, we will gather to talk about all these possibilities, connect with others with similar challenges and find ways to honor the day and ourselves in a more productive and empowered way.


Payment must be received in full prior to the first day of class. Class Payments are nonrefundable, but I am happy to reschedule if an emergency arises and you cannot attend.

Please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule!

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