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Now let me be clear ~ these are real statements from real people with whom I have worked over the years, and I am honored that they have taken the time to send me their support. Yes, I have heard that some sites make up their own testimonials ~ this is not one of them. These have been edited for space only.


"Claire has been my Reiki Master practitioner since she began her studies. It has been my privilege to experience her development in her craft, but from the very beginning, her natural gifts have been astounding.  She knows me better than I know myself."​

Dr. Robert Greer

New York City


"Finding Claire in the midst of personal turmoil was a true miracle. Claire's natural ability to feel energy not only guides a healing energy flow, but directs her in asking the right questions in counseling so that I am empowered to find my own answers. ​

Thank you, Claire."


New Jersey


"On Claire's table, I felt like I had a live wire full of energy shooting up and down my spine. I walked in a skeptic and walked out invigorated, exhausted, and full of hope.  The feeling of relaxation and hope radiated afterwards. Claire has certainly mastered a healing art. It was a holistic experience of the first order. "

Jon G.



"Claire’s Reiki 1 class is an in-depth and very thorough introduction to Reiki.  Claire takes the time necessary to teach the concepts, and to practice them, so you truly absorb them.  She has a very friendly and easy going style of teaching.  Hours went by, and I was unaware of how much time had passed because she makes learning fun!"​

​​Lynn C.​​



"Claire has a very compassionate accepting way about her and it always feels so right and natural to be receiving Reiki from her. I always feel that she genuinely cares for me and wants me to care for myself.​ Whenever I come away from a Reiki session with Claire, I always feel better about myself and more positive and loving, less fearful and isolated."  ​

​​Jennifer C.​

New Jersey



Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently.
 ~ Dr. Maya Angelou


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