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5 Holistic Steps You Can Take To Reduce Suffering

By Claire M. Schwartz

The Transformation Mentor


I’m so glad you have requested this report.  Suffering and Stress have become a way of life in this country, and by reaching for these solutions, you show that you are ready to take control of your Suffering and move into a place of Serenity.


"Only you can destroy your peace."


 ~ Allan Lokos

We address the WHOLE you – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  We try so hard to pull these aspects of ourselves apart, dealing with perhaps one or two at any given time.  But when you attend to them all, your Being will return to its natural state of Flowing Health and Wellbeing.


Holistic Step #1: Breathe

A Simple Free Action you can take any time of the day or night

Are you holding your breath?  You probably are and are not aware of it. Breathing is something we do all day and night, and yet when we shift our awareness to it, we realize we are not breathing deeply at all.  Breath is Life and when you hold breath back, you hold Life back!


Go ahead, take a slow deep breath right now – in through your nose, let your lungs will with life – blow out through your mouth, with your mouth like an O, to release toxins.  Again, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Slowly, slowly….and one more time, in through the nose, out through the mouth.  There – even three breaths can make you aware of how much energy a simple breath can bring.  Breathing in this way increases the amount of oxygen you take in - and it took less than a minute.


Holistic Step #2: Affirmations

Five Phrases to Rewire the Negative Messaging in your head

We all have that inner critic in our heads, telling us everything we are doing wrong, and we all have the racing mind that is constantly worrying about what has to get done, that we are late, that we will forget something…what an awful lot of chatter!  But the habits that this chatter forms can take up a lot of space in our being and spirit.


But this chatter can rewired – by focusing on Empowered Affirmations.  These are very short, positive statements that we can put in our mind sin place of the negativity.  It is important that they do not begin with I Will or I Wish – those are in the future and can cause more anxiety.  The more empowering ones often begin with I Am or I Have – these ideas are in the present and we already have everything we need to bring them about – here are my Top Five Affirmations:


  • I am Relaxed and Centered

  • I have all the Time I Need

  • I am Filled with Light and Love

  • Abundance is my Natural State of Being

  • I Love and Appreciate Myself Just as I Am

And I’ll throw one of my favorites in for good measure:

  • My Higher Self is Guiding Me in Everything I Do


These short statements may not seem like much.  But when you repeat them a few times to yourself in a time of stress and anxiety, they overpower the chatter in your head, replacing it with calm, confidence and appreciation.  What a wonderful gift to give yourself.


And if these don’t resonate with you, you can always write your own!


Holistic Step #3: Self-Care

Balancing Physical and Emotional Wellbeing for Greater Happiness

Are you really taking care of your health?  It is not really an option, and your body will let you know pretty quickly when it is being neglected.  Diet, exercise, water, rest – when we don’t tend to these needs, this has an immediate effect on our emotional health, too – irritability, lack of energy, disturbed sleep, a short temper, and much more serious symptoms, are red flags that your body needs care.


  • Eat a well-balanced diet – go grab a piece of fruit!

  • Exercise with a quick walk around the block

  • Drink lots of water – did you have a glass today?

  • Sleep well and long, even taking a 20-minute nap in the afternoon

  • And if you have been prescribed medication or supplements, don’t scrimp on taking them – they provide added support for your overall health.


And do make sure you are keeping up with your physician, naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, dentist and whichever other healthcare professionals you need to visit. You deserve to take care of your body – it’s all you came into this world with, and it is all you are leaving with!  You will not only feel better that you have taken care of YOU, but you will be happier and have more to give to the rest of your life.


Holistic Step #4: Call or Sit with a True Friend

Finding Human Connections That Heal

Have you become so busy that you have lost connection with those closest to you? A friend, a sibling, or even more importantly, your partner, probably misses you just as much as you miss them.  Make this interaction as positive as you can, have a long call or a cup of tea with someone who really knows you and can offer positivity and care. Put aside your own troubles for a bit and share – letting them share in your struggles and supporting them in theirs.  It reminds us that we are all connected and that there is nothing more important than how we treat and support each other. It is an excellent opportunity to practice compassionate listening ~ Just make sure you choose someone who will also listen to you.


Holistic Step #5: Connect to the Universe and Your Self

Energy Balancing for Your Own Self-Healing

We are all Energy beings and require balance to keep everything running smoothly.  This is the philosophy of Reiki that I practice – that Reiki Energy is in all of us – we are born with it and it is our natural state of being.  Getting back to that natural state is key to our health and happiness.


But most of us are out of balance, running too fast with too much stress.  So try this simple gesture – take your right hand (or left if you’re a leftie) and place it on your heart.  Feel the pulse of life within you – feel your True Self, your Heart Truth, speak to you.  Take a few moments and experience that connection to Self.  You are also balancing the Reiki within you when you do this, as well as connecting Hand-to-Heart, which reminds us to keep that line of communication with our Truth open at all times.

This is the true definition of Holistic Healing.


These steps not only show that you have a role in alleviating your suffering, but that moving into a place of calm and Self-Care can take much less time and effort than we might think. 


My entire focus at Miriam’s Well Healing is on Empowering YOU to create your own happiness, to move forward in your life.  With Authentic Insights and Wildly Practical Tools that work seamlessly with regular counseling and Reiki Healing, anything you set your mind and being to is doable.  Schedule your Free ½ Hour Empowerment Call today and imagine what is possible!

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