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You Can Heal Your Grief


Have you experienced a loss of any kind?

     Death ~ Divorce ~ Job Change ~ Financial Change ~ Moving ... and more


Are you tired of not having the tools to move forward
or being told to just "Get Over It?"


You deserve to be happy again, and feel the weight of grief lift from your shoulders. I come from a long history of Grief & Loss, and I found my way out, back to the light.  Now it is my purpose and passion to give you the Truths and Tools to help you move forward and get back to the Joy of Life!


On my website You Can Heal Your Grief, you will find my Solace Intensive Programs for recent and long-term loss, my Ten Tall Tales of Grief & Loss, my blog on Grief Healing and other coaching tools, and SO much more.


Make an appointment for a Free 1/2 Hour Empowerment Call with me to help you discover answers to the Three Most Frustrating Things you are struggling with!


Healing is Doable - I know, because I have done it. Find out more about my journey out of The Dark Ugly™ here. My path took over 20 years - let me help you on yours faster, more deeply and more personally. Start today....

"Claire helped me through a huge life change that I could not have gotten through on my own. Her compassion was life-changing."

~ Karen, NJ

Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.
~ Khalil Gibran
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