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Combine my services in packages to unite the best of all The Well has to offer

These are not set in stone ~ have an idea? Let's talk!

The Solace and Serenity Package for Those in Grief

Holistic and Compassionate Guidance from Heartache to Hope

  • Acute Relief               For when a loss has just happened and you are in a panic about what to do and how to respond ~       a helping hand and calming voice are there.

    • 2 Hours of Counseling by Phone or Skype                 $250

This is for emergency and immediate needs and

can be done on relatively short notice


  • Extended Relief         For ongoing Grief and Loss work, to help you with the steps of grieving and moving to a place of calm ~ I have walked this path dozens of times and offer what I have learned to ease your suffering.

    • Two Hours of my Reinventing Your Normal class for Grief and Recovery (can be written for any loss ~ parent, child, friend, animal companion, or an event ~ divorce, illness, etc. ~ anything at all)

    • 8 Hours of In Person, Phone or Skype Counseling    $1000


For the opportunity to obtain lasting relief from Grief, click here for information on The Grief Recovery Method®.

Session Phone or Skype Packages


Five Hours           $575

Ten Hours            $1000




The Holistic Empowerment Package

Authentic Insights and Wildly Practical Tools

A comprehensive bundle of my Offerings and Classes

  • Earthbound ~ Getting Grounded       3 Hours

  • Reinventing Your Normal ~ Grief and Loss Recovery                                                3 Hours

  • Vision Board – Dreaming Your Life  3 Hours

  • Write From Your Soul – Journaling For Transformation                                    3 Hours


Private Classes, Plus 3 Hours of One-on-One Mentoring                                                   $1000

To Strive ~ To Seek ~ To Find

     And Not To Yield.


 - Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Ultimate Empowerment Intensive

Personal, Powerful and Professional  Breakthroughs

A FULL weekend of Classes, Counseling and Reiki Combined

  • Elements from Earthbound, Reinventing Your Normal, and Journaling for Transformation will be worked in on an As Needed Basis

  • Twelve Hours of Small Group Intensive Counseling and Reiki


Arrive in town on a Friday, The Work begins at 3pm

     Friday, 3-6pm

     Saturday, 9:30am – 12:30pm and 2:30 – 5:30pm

     Sunday, 11am – 2pm


A Unique Healing Intensive for deeply personal work          $1500

Accommodations at the Courtyard by Marriott or Residence Inn, West Orange, NJ, meals and transport not included in the fee.

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