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My Reiki services are currently in flux!

But we can still work together.

Please contact me, let's have a chat

and figure out how to best meet your needs.

Warmest Blessings to you.



It's time to break through whatever is holding you back, then learn  real-life tools to transform and recreate your world!


Combining the energetic support of Reiki with professional coaching tools and a decade of experience, I offer you a completely unique healing experience.


What Happens in my Session?​


Every session starts with a conversation, checking in on your progress and goals, with you being open to Authentic Insights and me congratulating you on your Courageous Breakthroughs!  You will receive support on whatever challenges come up, and fresh ideas for moving forward on Your Journey of Transformation.


Each client and each session may or may not use Reiki, which we will decide together.


I use the info from the Coaching to encourage you to choose an Affirmation to utilize during your Reiki session – it keeps your mind from wandering and focuses you on something proactive and positive, which works with the energy to provide even more insights.


Then we will move on to the Reiki – with therapeutic pillows, on a cushioned massage table, in a calm and welcoming environment, you will relax, always fully-clothed, and allow the wisdom of Reiki to work. I will work intuitively, either on, above or away from the body, to share Reiki with you. It is a simple placement of hands.


Every client and session is unique, so you may experience heat, cold, vibration, tingling, images or even nothing at all. You may even drift off to sleep. Snoring is completely acceptable.


After your session, you will have time to reflect and ask any questions you may have.


This is only one example of how your session may go ~ we can talk for the entire time, or Reiki the entire time, or anything between ~ whatever happens, happens! 

Session Details

If we use Reiki in your work, it is best to arrive for your session in a t-shirt and sweats (clean socks please!). I cannot work with skirts, sweatshirts, jeans, tanktops or shorts, so you can bring a change into a tshirt and sweats, if you like. The client remains fully-clothed during the entire Reiki session.


Sessions are by appointment only.

Day and Evening sessions are available - click on Schedule an Appointment to check my current schedule.

Schedule your Free 1/2 hour Phone Consultation to get immediate tools

and to see how my Reiki/Coaching can change your life, starting today!





Typical sessions last an hour and a half, my most popular time, to allow for both coaching and Reiki in a calm and unrushed atmosphere. We can do an hour also, depending on your needs that day.

Please keep in mind, I have a $25 fee for changes and cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment. Thank you!


Also available:

 ~ Longer sessions or entire afternoons or full days - contact me to discuss the possibilities

 ~ Home or Hospital Visits: pre- or post-surgery, a birth or anything else that keeps you from visiting - travel time additional

 ~ Phone or Skype Visits are doable, even if you are out of the USA.

Just get in touch, and we'll work out what is best for you!

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Holistic Empowerment! You can buy a session or any dollar amount for your loved one to use for any purpose at The Well. Great for the holidays, birthdays, bridal showers and retirement. Click here for purchase options.

"Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear."

 ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Compassionate Care Program
If you want to come for a session and feel like you cannot afford it, please ask about my Compassionate Care Program.
Forms of Payment
​Save 3% when you pay by Cash.
I no longer accept checks.
I do accept online payments with Paypal and take credit cards in my office and online.

Reiki is an alternative and complementary form of medicine and should not be used as a substitute for conventional medicine. Always consult with your personal physician for any health questions or concerns you might have. No claims are made for diagnoses or healing of disease.

“I can be changed by what happens to me ~ I refuse to be reduced by it."

 ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

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