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Please note: All Sessions are Virtual until further notice!

460 Bloomfield Avenue​

The Crane Building

Suite 207

Montclair, NJ 07042





Parking is challenging at this time all around my office, so do leave time to find a spot - the map below should help.
Tickets are liberally given out!
Please scroll down for more information to help you.
Meters go off at 7pm Monday ~ Saturday, and there is free parking on Sundays.
I am located inside The Crane Building, just off the corner of Bloomfield and South Fullerton.  If you come in the evening, use the keypad to the left of my front door to punch in the number 11. This will call my phone and I will buzz you in. Take the stairs or the elevator to the 2nd floor. I am in Suite 207.  If my door is closed, kindly wait in the hallway and I will get you when I am ready.

We are located on the map below roughly at the red You Are Here, but ignore the little red arrow.

I am where the little bus is under the red circle.

When you're done with your session, consider visiting one of Montclair's wonderful shops or restaurants!​

Parking Areas:
Lots G and H are closed to meter parking. I recommend The Crescent Parking Deck at F, which $1 an hour and no meter will expire on you.
I do not recommend using a one-hour meter, it is not enough time. The two and three-hour meters are 75 cents an hour.
There are also several private lots that overcharge, but often have space.
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